Customer Support

That personal connection is most keenly felt when things go wrong and when customers need support. We have become synonymous with making personal and conversational interactions the bedrock of a great customer support experience. At the heart of that reputation is our belief that great support is about more than just managing and closing tickets, or rehearsing a list of “customer service skills”.

In the not too distant past, customer support was often seen as a hassle, a cost that had to be borne but which was really just a tax on success. Luckily, that adversarial view of customers is on the wane and progressive companies consider a customer-centric culture a core value.

As a result, customer support has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years. Increasingly, companies realize that putting your customers front and center is essential to customer retention, transforms customers into advocates for your business and delivers a competitive advantage.

Jubely tiles best support their customer in any way needed. Whether it may profit to the company or not.

Global Reach

The ultimate objectives of our business strategy are to increase volume, expand our share of worldwide in wall Tiles sales, maximize our long-term cash flows, and create economic value added by improving economic profit. Jubely Tiles system has more than 16 Thousands customers around the world that sells or serves our products directly to consumers. We keenly focus on enhancing value for these customers and helping them grow their Ceramic businesses. We strive to understand each customer’s business and needs, whether that customer is a sophisticated retailer in a developed market a kiosk owner in an emerging market.

Jubely Tiles Takes care of every custsomer on any part of the world whether the customer is having retails business or large scale.

Charateristics Of Tiles

-Low water absorption
-Highly Durability
-Thermal Resistance
-Scratch Resistance
-Stain and chemical Resistance
-Easy to lay and ready to live in

Technical Specification

-24 pallet in one container
-126 boxes in one pallet
-2268 sq m in one container
-94.5 sqm in one pallet

Packaging Details

Digital wall tiles

-Packing - 8 Pcs / Box
-Weight - 8.800 Kg Approx
-Coverege Area - 8.33 Foot

Wall tiles

-Packing - 8 Pcs / Box
-Weight - 8.800 Kg Approx
-Coverege Area - 8.33 Foot